Bug: Autofill not working on Android

I’m noting an issue using autofill on Android, it’s manifested itself in a couple of different ways.

  1. On the Bank of America mobile banking app I have multiple sign ins. In the app I can hit a drop down list to specify which username I’m using to sign in. If I open the app then Bitwarden is ready to autofill in the password, so far so good. But if I use the drop down box to change my username then Bitwarden doesn’t show any autofill options, ie: the bottom bar where Bitwarden shows the login information isn’t there anymore and the only way to get it back is to force close and resart the app. But then when I go to change username the same thing happens.

  2. On other apps I’ve noticed that if I have to fill in both a username and a password, if I autofill with Bitwarden it will only fill the username and not the password. When clicking on the password box I don’t get the Bitwarden autofill option at the bottom anymore. I’ve noticed this with several apps, for example the “Readysave 529” app. Another example, on the Wells Fargo mobile banking app Bitwarden fills in my password, but then erases the existing username and the autofill prompt for the user name will not show up.

Seems like a bug, but I’m not sure where to submit it. I don’t have the accessibility autofill turned on as that seems like a massive privacy issue, but I do have autofill turned on and set to Bitwarden in Android settings.

Hi @SD77 and welcome to the community,

Could your issue possibly similar to this?

Hi thank you for the response. I don’t think it’s the same issue. I’m not using the “starts with” setting, just the default setting which from what I understand uses the base domain. I double checked and the URI seems correct, and again Bitwarden works with the password but has issues with the username. But I can’t say I fully understand how the URI calls work so maybe it’s on my end. If it helps I did import all my information via JSON from Enpass, so maybe something got screwed up in the translation. I would post a video, but don’t want to put my banking username out there.

Hi @SD77 - welcome to community!

I’d recommend reporting the issues with autofill disappearing or needing to close Bitwarden to regain functionality to our support team for further investigation as this doesn’t sound like standard behavior.

For at least a part of your problem (Bitwarden not recognizing the password field to autofill), this may be due to a non-standard field name on the part of your bank. As we can’t anticipate all site fields, there is a workaround to account for this by using a linked custom field.

I hope this helps, but if you have clarifying questions on linked custom fields, please feel free to let us know!

Is the custom field only something for browsers? In reading over the tutorial page you linked it only mentions browsers, and I don’t see the same edit/custom fields options in the Android app. Just to clarify the logins I’m having issues with are Android apps and not the web browser pages.

Also to note, at least in the bank of america app, Bitwarden IS detecting the password field correctly. It’s when I either choose a different username (dropdown within the app itself) or change the username manually that Bitwarden stops detecting and autofilling in the password field.