Browser plugin window resets

Currently the browser plugin window resets every time after clicking somewhere else. This often leads to problems when creating new items where you copy generated passwords to a website and did not save the item before.
It was already discussed here: Persistent UI using the Browser Addon but since this thread is closed I just wanted to know if this is a security feature or a bug? I am not using Firefox so the solution from this thread doesn’t help me.

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You can click the little arrow at the top left to pop it out into its own window. Also, if you need to retrieve a previously generated password, you can see them all listed on the Generator tab.


But this arrow is not in the safari extension which i’m using

I’m not familiar with Safari. Does it have a sidebar option? In Firefox, for example, you can have the extension appear in a sidebar. This has the same effect in that it’ll persist as you click around.

The current Safari extension now has this arrow as well.

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