Browser Plugin - Sort Options and Search

It would be nice to have an option to sort by A-Z instead of the last used. I propose a button to filter by time or by name. For pages where you have multiple logins to the same site it can get quite messy rather quickly. Also as another use pointed out search is rather confusing because when you search it takes you to a different UI that you cannot use for autofill. It would nice if when you searched on a page it had a “for this URL section” that only brought up related items to that URI that still worked with autofill.

I second this.
Also, another thing that would be even better, is to have exact or regex based matching of URL’s and only suggest passwords that match the URL of the site you are trying to log in to.
As a former LastPass user I’m used to having this functionality (even though their implementation is poor) and it’s really useful when handling large vaults.

Preferably, this function would look at the entire URL, strip it and only keep what is between http(s):// and / and not like LastPass which only filters on the primary domain and its suffix.
I.e: test1.test .com should return matches only for test1.test .com and not for test .com

@Conny_Molin Welcome to the forum!

Bitwarden does have very powerful and flexible URI matching functionality to control which passwords will be available for auto-filling. You can set the default behavior using the “Default URI match detection” option under Settings > Auto-fill, and you can also customize the matching behavior of individual URLs stored in each vault item (by editing the vault item and clicking the :gear: icon to the right of the corresponding URL, which will display a dropdown menu where you can specify whether the URL should be matched using the default match detection method or a customized method).

If you need more help with this, please start a separate thread, in the Ask the Community section of the forum.