Browser plugin Password Generator wrong counter

please let it a try.
If you create a random password (on the browser plugin) with max length of 10 (in total),
with all the A-Z,a-z,0-9, [email protected]#$%^&*


a minimum number 9 (for example)

It will generate a password long 12 character! (instead of the max length of 10).

I think whit is wrong.

Give it a try on you browser plugin!

Please fix

I have also faced the same issue when my mozilla firefox cant connect server so that my firefox browser was not working so first, I got a problem when I generated my website password. please help me on how to get resolve this problem.

If you specify you want a minimum of 9 digits, 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter and 1 special character, it’ll give you a 12 character password - 9+1+1+1=12.

What behaviour do you expect? If it’s not possible to create a 10 character password with the requirements the password is going to be longer.

Of course but I think is better that if I want 9 digit in total and 3 other, I have as result 6 digit and 3 other character (total is the MAX).

This because i think is that if a website tell me that the max is 9, I don’t have to modify my lower upper special character, but I need only to set 9 as total

You don’t thinks so?

No, I think you’re getting mixed up. You set the total length of the password you want. You then say how many digits and special characters you want. If you say 9 digits, it will include 9 numbers in the password. Leave it at 1 digit but set 9 as the length of the password.

The problem is that I want the strongest passowrd possibile.
So if I usually create 32 char password with 9 number and 9 special it works.
If after setting this, I need to generate a short passowrd, 15 char long for example, it automatically reduce the 9 special to 6.
If after this I want again a 32 char, I have every time to increase the special to 9.

I think the best solution is to change from number to % in the number o special character option.

Hope iI hope I explained myself

Numbers are not more secure than letters. The strongest password settings for a 32 character password is not the setting “min. 9 numbers, min. 9 special characters” but actually to set the minimum to 0 (setting it to 1 is advisable though to be sure that password requirements are met). This way, more characters can be any type of character, instead of some characters only being able to be numbers.

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Following on from what @neubland said, a 32-character password made up of a random collection of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters (eight in total) is uncrackable. 70 possible characters in each of 32 positions… don’t worry about a minimum of 9 numbers!

ok ok that Isn’t more complex based on how many special char or number but I prefer it! :slight_smile: