Browser Integration not enabled

I am having difficulty trying to get windows hello biometrics to work on bitwarden web extension, it works perfectly fine on desktop but when i try to enable it on the extension, i get a flag saying browser integration not enabled. I am on the latest version for everything as i reset the laptop and reinstalled everything 5 hours ago. I have seen a few like this and tried to fix it, but noone of them work.

You did not mention your browser. So this is just a shot in the dark: Reboot.
If that does not help uninstall the extension, reboot, re-install the extension, try again.

And just to confirm - you have Enabled Browser Integration in the desktop app AND you have enabled Unlock with Biometrics in the browser extension, correct?

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Hey sorry for being late in respons, just saw this. Ive tried this a couple times but it did not work. I am also on brave browser.

Yep i have both enabled and i have also done what Peter_H reccomended.

I remember that I have seen a report on this board that it worked for someone after that person deactivated the Browser integration in the desktop app and the Unlock with biometric-setting in the extension and then re-activated both.


Dude Nail on the head, tried everything this morning and this worked… to be clear for anyone else.

In Bitwarden Desktop
Disable Login With Windows Hello
Disable Browser integration.


Enable Browser Integration
Enable Windows Hello / Biometric.

In Browser enable Biometric.



didnt work sorry

Didn’t work. This has been going on for sometime.

Does it work on other browsers for you? It is starting to sound like this is an issue specific to Brave.

Edge for Windows.

I assume this means that you are NOT using Brave, but rather Edge?

If so, are you guys running the desktop app downloaded from the Microsoft Store or directly from Bitwarden? If it is from the Microsoft Store, I would try uninstalling that version and use the one that is directly downloadable from Bitwarden here:

Also, ensure that the “Allow access to file URLs” option is enabled.

More tips can be found in this long thread:

I tried on edge and chrome too, but they both did not work. Ahh well, it doesn’t matter that so it should be fine.

Tried this, but it still didn’t work, thanks for the help

This was the fix for me with Edge on Windows, I followed these steps, after each one I clicked the close button on the settings screen then re-opened it.

yup, this problem still exists, and the suggested fix worked for me! nice one.

This worked for me on Brave. I followed the exact steps.

Worked for me, also. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Firefox integration did not work until this! :point_up:t2:
I shut down the desktop app after turning off Windows Hello and Browser Integration, before enabling it again. Do not know if that made any difference…


This worked for me on Brave (Version 1.38.109 Chromium: 101.0.4951.41) with mac os Monterey (12.3.1)