Browser extension remembers where I was

When I am using the browser extension to copy and paste info into a site, whenever I click out of the extension and it hides, I have to go find that same site in the extension and click to open it, and then find the part I was copying from and go to and copy the next one.
It would be really great if when you clicked out of the extension and then opened it again within a few seconds it could remember and open up to the exact place you had it when it was hidden.

I’m out of votes but I totally go with you for this one !

You can of course pop out the extension into a sticky window. I assume this is the kind of scenario the feature was intended for.

A related, but worse, issue is if you start editing - e.g. adding a new entry, and then want to go back to the web page to copy something. The window closes and you lose everything entered. I’ve suffered this a few time by forgetting to pop-out first.

A nice feature would be if BW always opened the new-entry window as a pop-out automatically.


I agree with this. I don’t know if there’s a security issue associated with this (since I haven’t done any browser or extension auditing), but it seems like a good feature to have. For example, there’s an email proxying service that I use for creating random emails that forward to my real email. However, this typically involves the use of tab switching and copy-paste, which makes using the extension slightly more difficult.

The Safari plugin doesn’t seem to have a pop out.

Yes, it’s absolutely terrible when editing things and then you lose a password or something that wan’t saved when you clicked out.

@kspearrin Is this somehow on the roadmap? This is such a use usability killer I can’t name …

This is really frustrating sometimes! - even when you pop the extension out it loses which site you were viewing or editing.

I feel a similar frustration in the web vault.

When creating / editing an item, if I click on an area outside the form, the form disappears even though I did not press the close button.

Then, the content being edited is lost…

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I agree, that’s extremely frustrating. Would be great if popup windows could be somehow “sticky”.

If you feel you’ll need to click elsewhere while using the extension, you can use the pop out mode by clicking on the arrow in the top left corner while not viewing/editing an item.

Yea, that doesn’t really work, because by the time you think you need to pop it out, you click the button, and it refreshes when it pops out and you lose everything anyway.
It’s very frustrating. - I just end up saving like 4 times while editing an item to keep from losing anything.


Well no, it doesn’t actually works, because the “out of focus” click usually is a “muscle memory”, so when I for example edit a login in popup, the click happens faster than I can think that it will discard all my changes, that I’ve entered so far…


The kicker here is, I have ONE entry I have the problem on regularly, so I made that a favorite. Because it default to “tab” instead of “my vault” even if it’s a tab that I have no passwords for, and it doesn’t list my favorites on tabs it doesn’t really do any good.

Any of the following would help:

  • show my vault if there is nothing for the tab.
  • show favorites on tabs
  • remember where I am
  • don’t close if I click on a different window until it locks

Definitely agree. But 3rd and 4th option would be the best in my opinion.

I’m reviving this cause it is still a thing in our company and very frustrating when working with the browser extension.
Any news regarding this topic?

Something that reminds this by any chance?

This is absolutely infuriating and happens frequently. I have to explain this limitation to all of my users; they are so confused and frequently lose information that they just entered because they wanted to copy something from the page (like a username, because Bitwarden doesn’t suggest previously used usernames, which is also a pain) to paste in the new entry they are creating.

PLEASE consider adding an option such as “Sticky Bitwarden window”.

If I search for a site, and then copy the password, and leave the extension then return to the extension, I would like it to start out with the same search I had. That way I can very quickly copy the password or next piece of information.
Otherwise I have to search again for the same thing which seems like extra work.

@Nathanf Welcome to the Bitwarden Community! Here is a feature request which I think is pretty similar to what you want :slightly_smiling_face:

@tgreer Seems like a duplicate thread

I find myself having to remember to open a dedicated Bitwarden window for anything non-trivial. When not using a dedicated window, whenever the extension menu loses focus, all progress is lost (e.g. switching to another window and back when adding a new login)