Browser Extension initial setup in VDI environment

Hey guys

We’re trying to roll out the Bitwarden Browser Extension (Windows 10 with Edge, Chrome) on our VDI clients via GPO for our self-hosted installation. GPO is working well. However, our VDI client are always deleted after the user logs off and so the Browser Extension is gone as well. The next time the user logs in, the extension is installed again and “Browser Extension Getting Started | Bitwarden” is loaded. Additionally the base URL (which comes via registry-GPO) needs to be confirmed again in the Bitwarden Browser Extension settings ("Settings have been modified. Click here … ").

  1. Is there a way to disable the “Congratulations!”-Message (Browser Extension Getting Started | Bitwarden)?
  2. Can we get the base URL to be “persistent” in our VDI environment?

BR Mamu

Hey @mamu thanks for checking in! Disabling isn’t currently available but the team is reviewing feedback on this one. For the 2nd point, check out Configure Clients Centrally | Bitwarden Help Center

Hey @bw-admin Do you have news regarding the reoccurring Browser Extension Getting Started | Bitwarden website when the extension is installed? Or let’s say, is it now possible to disable this message? BR Mamu