Browser Extension: Folder list doesn't scroll in subfolders

I’m having an issue navigating subfolders in the browser extension. On the main vault page, the entire list scrolls, including folders. Once I click into a folder, any subfolders are locked at the top of the list and don’t scroll. Depending on the number of subfolders present, I may have a very small space to scroll through my logins, and I have one folder that has no space at the bottom at all.

I am running version 2024.6.1 of the extension in Vivaldi, 2024.6.2 in Edge, and 2024.6.3 in Waterfox. They all behave the same way.

Hi Robert, and welcome to the community!

Yes, I am having the same problem on FF extension as well, probably related to this 2022 bug:

It doesn’t appear that this bug receives much attention from both the users and BW, but here are some ideas for non-ideal workarounds:

  1. If you open the extension as the browser sidebar, you can zoom out to get more real-estate
  2. Create fewer subfolders to nest the subfolders.
  3. Put more details (including emojii) into the name field and use search. Some people report not using folders at all.

I am sympathetic because I use subfolders as well, but fewer, so I hardly see it, and I most likely have fewer credentials than you do.