Browser extension doesn't focus on master password input


I noticed this problem a few days ago and it wasn’t there before.

Before this, here’s what I’d do: I clicked on the Bitwarden icon in Chrome and directly entered my password to unlock the vault (the input was automatically in focus, so I could type inside it without clicking on it or using TAB on my keyboard).

Now, the input doesn’t focus automatically when I open the extension, so I have to manually click on the input or use my keyboard which is really annoying because that’s one more (useless) step to unlock the vault.

Do you know what causes this? I swear this issue wasn’t there a few days ago.


It still does focus on the password / PIN field. The thing is it takes a few seconds. Bitwarden is already looking into this. For more details see here:

or here:

P.S.: Changed from Feature Request to Ask the Bitwarden Community.


Oh you’re right, it just takes a few seconds to focus which sucks!
Sorry for this useless thread then. It can now be closed :slight_smile:

I came here to report the same issue. It’s really annoying. Thanks for the post.

Technically, the extension’s “title” class object has focus when the extension is first opened, and the cursor is moved after a delay. I’ve found I can either wait a couple seconds for that to happen, hit the Tab key twice, or (of course) click in the PIN text box.

Yeah, I also hit the tab key twice as a workaround for now!
Let’s hope this gets fixed quickly, it shouldn’t be too hard.