Browser Extension Biometrics Unlock Delay


For some time now when I’m trying to unlock my browser extension (be it on Firefox, Brave etc) I’m encountering a small delay of about 3-4 sec.
I have configured a Windows PIN and use that for Biometrics Unlock. My browser extension is set to lock immediately, hence every time I need to autofill I need to unlock the vault using my PIN and lately I’ve been encountering this delay. Previously, the PIN pop-up window appeared straight away after clicking the Bitwarden browser extension, but now it take about 3-4 sec for it to show up.
I’ve tested on Brave and the delay is present here as well, so I don’t think this is browser related.

Any thoughts?

I wonder if this is related to the delays reported here:

This seems to be it indeed. Patiently waiting for 2022.10 version then :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your input!