Browser Companion Addin

Whenever I work on a Windows machine, on a computer at work or on a virtualized test system, I don’t really want to have my complete vault on the machine or use my master password.
Nevertheless, I need there under circumstances some rather uncritical passwords for which I have in the best case also 2fa.
Also when I think of keyloggers or ransomware attacks I would wish in some situations not to have my complete vault on a PC. Especially with Windows computers.

It would be great if I could use my smartphone as a kind of remote control in such cases.
I would then connect my smartphone to a browser addin, in a way like it works with Whatsapp Web. This way I could transfer only single passwords from the smartphone to the browser on the target computer and I wouldn’t have to use my master password on a pc with windows or on a computer that is in a network over which I don’t have full control.

Also with my friends and colleagues it is often the case that in some situations where you would like to use your password manager, you fall back on simple passwords.
Or you have to type passwords from your smartphone more often.

I have no idea if this is even possible in this form, but a solution like this would be great!