Bring Web Vault Only functionalities to the desktop application

Make Local Desktop App be the same as web vault , by bringing all Web only features too it such as the option to import/export, manage folders, security reports, add/remove 2FA, restore or delete account etc

currently Desktop client is no more than an heavy version of browser extension makes no sense to have it, I understand that the extensions may be nerfed on purpose to make it lightweight, but the desktop app should be a full fledged option for those who does`t like he idea of having to access web site and re entering master password every time we must manage something in the vault.

This would be great, something I miss. It only take a few minutes of using a native non-electron app like 1Password to notice the difference in speed and UI interaction smoothness.

I am totally new to Bitwarden, but what a breath of fresh air their crystal clear and clean UI/UX is (in the webversion and Chrome extension) compared to for example Lastpass’s webversion. It makes BW a joy to use.

That brings me to my novice question: can someone explain to me what the benefits are of a native desktop application, if there is already such a fantastic webversion available that works on all platforms?


Local App grants offline and one click away access and management of your accounts (in case Bitwarden servers goes down for example), not depending on web vault to do things like importing backups, setting 2FA, search for breachs and weak passwords etc. its like comparing an web mail with an desktop client, they do the same thing in the end of the day, some people love the former and dont see the need for the later, others hate to rely on internet connection and browser loading time just to read an message, I am in the 2nd group.

I see, that makes sense. Good example concerning email… I am coincidentally in the midst of switching from Outlook (2010!) to Gmail and now discovering the pro and cons of both.

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It would be very handy to be able to create collections from the dekstop application. I very rarely use the Web Vault.

Would this be at all possible? is it on the roadmap?


@Chris_Jackson thanks for the feedback! Definitely something we’re keeping an eye on, but no dev timeline/roadmap item just yet.

and to mobile too, for on-the-go configurations.