Bring back old dark mode color scheme

Feature name

  • Restore gray color scheme for dark mode in browser extension and web vault

Feature function

I’m really disappointed with the new dark mode color scheme. It looks heavily out of place in my browser and on many websites (e.g., Reddit dark mode, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) which don’t force specific colors on their users. It looks out of place compared to my OS and most of my other apps too (Steam, VS Code)

If I wanted to use the Nord theme, I would use that! Now the dark theme is just a darker version of the Nord theme.

Did you checked all 5 color themes? “Nord” looks more grey.

Nord was there since a long time and it is a light mode color scheme - it’s whitish not gray (unless your monitor is not accurate, I know mine is). There is no grey dark mode color scheme after the latest update, that’s the point of my post.

Agreed the new Dark theme looks too blue, suggest using true neutral greys instead, no color tint at all, which wouldn’t clash as bad with other browser/OS dark themes whether they’re cool or warm tinted.

I agree as well. I have always really disliked blue-grey/dark themes.

I prefer warm or neutral color schemes in my dark/grey themes and I think it is easier on the eyes.

e.g. VS Code (default theme) and Gnome (Adwaita dark theme).

I opened a Github issue for this and was asked to create a feature request instead.
I totally agree that the new dark theme is blue which makes it stick out like a sore thumb next to other software and websites.

I’ve never understood devs choosing a non-neutral dark theme for their product (looking at you, Github).
It ends up looking out of place with everything else either using black or a shade of gray (and rightfully so, since it’s the only way to make things look decent together).

The explanation given was it was done “to better match across platforms” which I have to wonder what the logic of that is, because in my eyes it achieves the opposite.

It’s akin to some devs making their light theme look yellow, orange, pink (looking at you, Hacker News)

I very much agree with this. I hate the blue color theme. I much rather have the gray one back, which I have on my Linux desktop app still, why not the Firefox extension?

The funny thing is, I thought the “Nord” theme was meant to be a slightly colder “blueish dark theme”, but now both are. Together with the “Solarized Dark” theme, we got three shades of blue.

As it wasn’t hard enough to maintain a harmonious color scheme on a GNU/Linux desktop. :see_no_evil:

Now, after just updating, the desktop app lost it’s original dark theme, and has some unsightly blue. The only options are blue, and another blue.