Brave Partenership

Feature name

- Brave partnership for your extension.

Feature function

- What will this feature do differently?

Since Chromium (and so brave) relly on Google webstore we are “forced” to accept the tracking (cookie) of Google the first time we open the store, so work with them for me mean by that work of an implementation of your password manager (installable in one click) who call your server to download the app instead of Google.

- What benefits will this feature bring?

Since Brave include all privacy feature we must have (adblock, fingerprint deception, etc), many of us only install as third party extension bitwarden, this “feature” (mean by that partnership), let you push your opensource password manager, do publicity (since user of other proprietary will look into you), and let us user cut the rope with the webstore (since we don’t have to use it anymore)

So you gain user (and subscription), brave win bitwarden user who want to cut their link to Google and we gain in privacy since we don’t have to call Google webstore anymore (nor their cookie).

Everyone wins !