Brave (Chrome) extension window suddenly half size

The window to use Bitwarden in the Brave (Chrome) extension is suddenly half size. It still functions it’s just incredibly annoying to use at this size. I’ve uninstalled the extension, reset the browser, rebooted, and reinstalled and the issue persists.

Hey there, this is due to brave recently setting the fingerprinting resist flag to true, this can be toggled off in your list of flags, see more here:

Why is this marked as a solution? As a privacy conscious company, I feel like you should not recommend turning off good, privacy related, browser settings just so your extension can continue to work properly.
In my opinion, a better approach would be to change the way the browser extension calculates the window height.

This should be soon solved upstream. I had added the link to the upstream issue on our GitHub issue.

Trackers use the screen-size as one data-points to track users. Some browser-vendors try to resist this by reporting different screen sizes than the actually used one. This unfortunately is also the reason why Bitwarden is not displayed as expected.

A fixed screen size would also likely not work as screen sizes differ per device. What would be looking good for some, would look bad for others.

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