Brave browser - login fails - not consistant

I am suddenly having BW login problem - but it is intermittent. Started a couple hours ago. Using current W10 desktop PC, current Brave browser, and pretty current BW Brave extension. I get this msg when trying to unlock “There are no logins available to auto-fill for the current browser tab.
Add a Login”
And cannot login properly. Clearing Brave temp files and cache does not help. Reboot of PC does not help. Looks like if fails most time and it succeeds sometimes - intermittent. Currently I have the vault unlocked (Logged in). Worked just fine in Edge. Have not tried Firefox or Chrome.
The BW icon has a tiny red area in lower right corner - not the big red area that I normally see right before I unlock BW after launching the browser.
Any idea?

You aren’t the only one @cwr64. See here for more details on extension issues with Chrome and other chromium browsers:

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