Brand NEWBIE Bitwarden Question: REMOTE ACCESS to Bitwarden

SOLO user. Just a little concerned that once I assign all new computer-generated SECURE passwords to everything, will I ALWAYS be able to access those totally UN-recallable passwords at all times . . . e.g., when I am AWAY from MY computer or MY phone . . .

. . . and have to use someone else's computer to access any of those sites that would now be opened ONLY with Bitwarden-secured passwords?  Instead of the old INsecure, memorable password that I didn't even have to write down.

Help, please with some assurance as to WHY this is the best way.

Hey @giannib01 there are a lot of things to consider when logging into someone else’s device, such as key loggers, invasive browser extensions that read all data, forgetting to log out etc… but if this is a must, you can can always use a unique and secure passphrase as your Bitwarden master password along with 2FA such as a hardware key to log in to the Bitwarden web vault when on the go.

Be sure to use a browser you trust with limited extensions running, and be mindful of apps running in the background.