Blindspots that take years to correct?

New, I signed up because of Security Now and TWIT.TV.

I immediately run into brain dead blind spots.

I see the issues I want to complain about have been complained about for at least a year. Not a good sign!

Why is LOG OUT hidden in Security for browser extension?

In the web view of the vault, why is LAUNCH also hidden so needs an extra click?

How do you people use this?

Thanks for listening.

The extension has an automatic timeout feature.
You can set it for immediately, or 1 or 5 minutes etc depending on your preferences.
You can also set it to lock or logout, depending on your preferences.
Manual initiation of lock or logout is available with a little more effort as you discovered if you have intermittent needs that are not met through the above automatic timeout features.
I don’t know if this suits your preferences, but to me it seems quite flexible, not at all a fatal flaw imo.