Bitwarden's Cheatsheet?

Hi fellas. Been a while I don’t drop by in here.

I’m not so used to Bitwarden yet, and something I really enjoy to make use of are some keyboard shortcuts. So I came along to ask for a cheatsheet of Bitwarden’s current keyboard shortcuts. Either for Chrome/Firefox/Windows/Linux/etc.

We could keep this post updated with newer keyboard shortcuts that can be implemented with time.

Tell your suggestions and thoughts about this here, I’ll be glad to hear from y’all. :wink:


Hi K0media

What keyboard shortcuts especially are you missing? Personally I only use CTRL+SHIFT+L which autofills the username and password using the last credentials used for that page, this info can be found under “KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (HOT KEYS)” segment of the help file here


Okay, so after installing it on Desktop and other platforms (such as told in this thread), here’s what I’ve found:

  1. Desktop app shortcuts:
  • File:
    Ctrl + N → New entry
    Ctrl + , → App settings
    Ctrl + L → Lock session

  • Edit:
    Ctrl + Z → Undo
    Ctrl + Y → Redo
    Ctrl + X → Cut
    Ctrl + C → Copy
    Ctrl + V → Paste
    Ctrl + A → Select all

  • View:
    Ctrl + F → Search in vault
    Ctrl + G → Password generator
    (Suggested for future updates: Ctrl + H → Password history)
    Ctrl + = → Zoom in
    Ctrl + - (minus) → Zoom out
    Ctrl + 0 → Default zoom
    F11 → Full screen
    Ctrl + Shift + R → Refresh app
    F12 → Developer options

  • Account:
    Nothing to list here.
    (Suggested for future updates: Ctrl + Alt + B or Ctrl + Alt/Shift + V → Open web vault [as talked here])

  • Window:
    Ctrl + M → Minimize
    Ctrl + Shift + M → Send to tray
    Ctrl + W → Close window

  1. Chrome Extension:
    Ctrl + Shift + L → Fill in last login
    Ctrl + Shift + Y → Open extension pop up.

However, as told on that help page, on Chrome it is possible to set custom keyboard shortcuts. I’m not sure if it will sync with my Google account, though. But it would be great if we had standards for these shortcuts on all apps, for example.
Note: I’m not telling that keyboard shortcuts need to be remapped. It’s just that having all of them as standards on all platforms would be a better deal, for global purposes.

As you can see, many of these shortcuts are well known for Windows apps in general.

But I’d suggest more, as it has been talked on this thread.