Bitwarden with Samsung internet browser

Hello everyone, I come here to share a solution to a recurring problem on the compatibility between bitwarden and the samsung internet browser.
The problem has existed since 2019 and since the release of the Samsung S10.
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the proposed solution is for the April 1, 2022 security update

Here I will describe how to make bitwarden compatible with samsung internet browser, specifically samsung internet beta version for S10 and above

  • First, download the bitwarden app.
  • Second, in samsung: setting > accessibility > Installed apps > Bitwarden: enable bitwarden
  • Third, in the bitwarden app: setting > enable Autofill Services
  • Fourth, disable the Chrome app (Yes, it only works if it’s disabled, at least in my case) and download the samsung internet app (beta version) and use it as your default browser
  • Fifth, in samsung: setting > Global Management > Passwords & Autofill > select Bitwarden as the autofill service (if not autofill selected, click current app name, a menu will appear)
  • Sixth, in samsung: Setting > Application > Bitwarden > Enable Foreground View.

Normally, when you select a username or password field on a website, a Bitwarden notification appears above the keyboard with the username.
Click on it, it opens the bitwarden app and asks for your master password (or biometrics).
Once completed, the identifier(s) corresponding to the domain of the site appears, select the ID in question.
You will automatically return to the site with the automatic filling of the ID and password.

Do synchronizations on bitwarden if the passwords do not appear.