Bitwarden vaults

I installed BW as a free item and imported a dozen items from 1PW to try it out. I then upgraded to the premium BW and imported all my 1PW items. I am now trying out the web vault and appear to connect to the free vault version rather than the full vault version. As a new user I am confused on the difference if any with the BW vault and web vault as these do not always seem synchronised.

Hello @Genys - welcome!

The web vault is simply a web-based interface to your Bitwarden data, and it always accesses the most recent data saved to your account. Bitwarden apps and browser extensions should sync to your account automatically whenever you make a change, such as when you add a new item.

If you notice that the web vault is not up to date, then you can always try syncing BW manually from your device where you made the change. Note that on mobile devices, your device settings may impact when the BW app may sync, such as settings to allow background data usage or not.

Here is some more information from the Bitwarden help pages that you may find useful:

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Thanks. As I am new to BW I am unsure of what I am doing and I keep trying different manoeuvres. I am enjoying learning the different setups.