Bitwarden Vault Down?

Status site says absolutely nothing’s wrong but getting “connection failure” from main site and a 503 Varnish error from the Vault site on 2 different networks. Also failing sync from browser extension. DownDetector also popping with complaints about login.

@mrnmrsi.fl Welcome to the forum!

Yes, I’m seeing sporadic errors right now. “Connection failure” errors when logging in or even (at least intermittently) when accessing the Help Center. Sometimes, login succeeds, but the vault appears to be empty. Looks like maybe an issue with is partly responsible.

Looks like it’s back for me now 5 minutes later. Sites are back, Vault is syncing and logins are there in the web vault. Must have caught it at exactly the right (wrong) time.


The BW status page doesn’t usually catch the sporadic outages, but this manually-reported status page does: