Bitwarden unreliable in Andriod

So I have very recently switched to Andriod from IOS, however I noticed many times I do not get the option to auto fill the username and password even though BitWarden has been selected as a the default auto fill app. Has anyone else expereince this?

I suspect it is not Anriod being rubish more than anything.

Are you sure that Autofill and Accessibility have both been granted?

Try disabling them, rebooting, and enabling them again.

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…or just give it a moment for Bitwarden to offer the autofill.
It sometimes seems to need longer than other times.

BW seems to need way more time to think when compared to Roboform. I have experienced the autofill delay, myself, as well as the delay populating the login list.

However, an even bigger issue that I have encountered is the fact that the autofill pop-up flashes on the screen for a split-second and disappears. Not nearly enough time to use it. This happens more often than not. It also disappears as I’m scrolling through the list.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I can confirm this. I myself have recently switched to IOS from Android and notice that Bitwarden works flawlessly on IOS. I had the same problem with Bitwarden not filling the fields in Android and was pleasantly surprised that it works like a charm everytime in IOS. My guess is that it is because Android has so many different configurations depending on which phone you have (I had Oneplus 5T and before that Nexus 5x, and before that Nexus 4)

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Many phones, but the accessibility and autofill API is the same.

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Ah ok, I am sure you are right, I am not so good at the technical stuff but I imagined that since most of the different phone manufacturers modifies Android to suit them there could be problems because of that. All I know there was a big difference when I switched to iPhone.

I’m using a Google Pixel XL… Android doesn’t get any more “plain vanilla” than that so I don’t accept the premise that this issue is a result of phone manufacturer variance :wink:

You know I love the idea of Andriod, open source and free however in reality it just creates a segmented market whereby differant menufatures do what they like. A bit like Windows anyway, my day job is fixing Windows machines everyday, the last thing I want to do is to come home and fix my Andriod mobile. This is why I am going to sell my Samsung S10E and go buy an Iphone X. Yes it is a few years old but it will get IOS updates for a good 5 years and I know what most things just work on Apple.

I’ve owned many, many Samsung’s. They are the worst when it comes to butchering Android. I will NEVER purchase another Samsung phone. I haven’t encountered any issues with the Pixel except with BW.

The iPhones also have their own issues. For what it’s worth – my entire family, except for one, is switching back to Android.

I just don’t like the way Google can use my data for their own gains. I believe they have privacy issues. Apple seem to be a bit better for privacy.

Totally agree, my friend. However, Apple is no better. Google just offers a broader range of services which collects more types of data. Most people have no idea how much data is collected and saved from all of the different sources. EVERYTHING is saved. The technology and storage capabilities that are not known to the general public is staggering.