BitWarden should notify the user if their self-hosted VaultWarden is out of date

Recently I had a problem with BitWarden and it turned out that my self-hosted VaultWarden running in a Docker container was out of date. Now I use the BitWarden browser extension and I use BitWarden on my cell phone. But I rarely go to my VaultWarden browser page so how am I to know when it needs updating? Would it be possible for the extension and/or cell phone app to notice that the VaultWarden software is out of data and warn the user?

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I would recommend researching solutions within the appropriate Vaultwarden forums for support as this is an unofficial 3rd party service that is not affiliated with the official upstream Bitwarden.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, you can automate updates or possibly only get notifications based on watchtower or something similar. Though again I would recommend looking in the appropriate community for further 3rd party support.