Bitwarden Send feature

I noticed there is a ‘Send’ feature being worked on and from the code I can see it is to facilitate sending password protected sending of files/text. A great feature to see being developed.

I’m posting this thread in case anyone else is interested in discussing this topic :slight_smile:

I am curious what the motivation for this is (not that I oppose it at all!)

For those interested in studying the PRs:

Users can already share credentials through organizations. Don’t really understand what this API is about.



Maybe it’s for the emergency access feature?

Maybe? I don’t really know but csharf did say the feature is being planned out

Give us a clue​:joy::blush:



I also saw it in crowdin when they sent the mail that 40+ items needs to be translated additionally.

Maybe to send username/password to a customer, a friend, or someone who don’t have Bitwarden. ?

Bitwarden Send is new and it is great.
But i think it would be more great if i could send a existing Password of my Bitwarden Vault to somebody and dont have to copy paste it into a new send.
Something like this:
Select Password or Note to share->Options->Share with Bitwarden Send → Automatically creates a send of that Password or Note
Don´t no if this makes sense but i think it would be more user friendly :thinking: and reduces redundant maybe outdated passwords.:thinking:


This is so awesome! Thanks Bitwarden Team!

It would be awesome to complete the feature with a receive function where we could create secure links for external people to drop items into our vault. E.g. if a client wanted to share a database securely.


I just had to post this to say a MASSIVE Thank you for adding this feature!
I’ve tried lots of different ways to send passwords to our MSP customers securely but none have been simple enough for us to use and for customers to access, or have been very expensive overkill for our simple needs.
I ended up paying a developer to install snappass on a dedicated cloud instance for us to use, which works great and is very similar, but now I can ditch it and not pay for it anymore and there’s more functionality in Bitwarden!
Well done guys, you’re AWESOME!

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One of our team members threw the same idea last week. Users could create an “empty item”, and let the other party upload the text/file.

You may want to create a new feature request for this and let others vote for it.


All over it like sauce on chips


After creating a password protected send, is there any way to view the password? I open it up and the password box is empty, though it does request the password when accessing the send link.

Ah, found my answer - no. You can’t view a Send password once it has been saved.

Once you password-protect a Send, you won’t be able to view the configured password again, however you can change or remove at any time.