Bitwarden Send - Does not download PDF after clicking the download link

Like the title says, after I sent the link to someone, and they open it in chrome, the download link opens a “blob” type page with the pdf open at a small height and it is not possible to read or download it.

Can you try to recreate the send with a newly generated send link?
You can upload the same file, and create the send with the same expiration, deletion date, password if applicable, etc. But this should still provide a different Send link, after this is created and saved please try to open the link in another window (preferably in an incognito browser) and see if this works as expected.

Happens in incognito mode as well, also to other people(a client I send a PDF).
It does work right on firefox tho.

I created a test one with a dummy PDF:

I get the same issue with this one

Thanks @justforcomment the team is aware and looking into a fix :+1:

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Hey any update or where I could followup about the status on this one?

Thanks for your patience everyone, the team is working on a fix and expected to be resolved in the July release. :+1:

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Are you able to share any updates with this issue? Not being able to Send pdfs is not ideal.

Thanks for your patience, this should be resolved in the next release.

Thanks for your reply. Do you have a release date for the next release?