Bitwarden Send: Access Detail Info Crumbs

It would be nice to have some key details captured of the Send access event (in addition to the “Access Count” functionality currently present).

Principally I am thinking:

  1. Date & Time of access (or First Access & Last Access for multiple access count Sends)
  2. IP address of client accessing
  3. Geo-location of client accessing
  4. Basic Host info of accessing client: OS, Browser, Device info, etc.

In my view some place far too much reliance on that sort of thing. It is often mildly amusing when a “helpful” website makes all sorts of assumptions based on where my VPN happens to terminate.

Yeah. I agree. So easy to spoof and push around with VPNs. Same with the basic host info … but my clients like to see it there and barrier to providing the details should be fairly low (he says … not being the Dev who has to actually implement it). :slight_smile: