Bitwarden self-hosted: How does Bitwarden handle certificate renewal?

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During installation, I’ve told Bitwarden to create a Letsencrypt certificate for me. As they usually expire within 90 days, I wonder whethere Bitwarden will handle auto-renew for me or not? Documentation says, that Bitwarden checks for certificate expiry on every Bitwarden startup (for me that means running ./ start).

But what happens if my Bitwarden is not restarted regularly (let’s assume my server has an uptime of > 90 days?). Is certificatae renewal handled somehow for this case?

Thanks for your inputs on this. Using Bitwarden 2.4.0 self-hosted.

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The certificate would expire eventually if the containers are never restarted.

Ok, thanks for your response. In that case, I’ll schedule a cron job doing a stop / start every two months.
Any plans to change this? certbot supports this with the “renew” command.


Certbot is not part of the actual Bitwarden containers. Its just invoked from the host machine via the script. You could just run the renew command in your cronjob.