Bitwarden seems to lack some 2-factor sites in the reports

So I was testing out a few other password managers, mostly due to boredom and wanting to look at shiny things, when I noticed that 1password’s 2-factor list seems to be a lot longer than the one on Bitwarden, is there any way for that report to be updated with a longer list?

I am currently trying manually to go through my list but would be nice if the report could do that.

Problem in “1Password” is that it also shows entries not having 2FA activated which don’t support 2FA. In my case it shows to has an 2FA which I should enable. But in you are not able to use TOTP. So it is a false positive. Just read here:

So I think it is better showing a short list with entries really use 2FA instead of showing a list with thousands of entries eventually be able to use 2FA. :wink:

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Ah, I see, I didn’t realise that, thank you for that update :slight_smile:

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But indeed I don’t know if both lists are really complete. :wink: