Bitwarden saves "we Dont Let You Save The Right PassWord as password


For one particular web site, Bitwarden doesn’t save the password correctly unless I’m careful. After I successfully I log in to that site, Bitwarden offers to update the password (“Do you want to update this password in Bitwarden?”), and when I do that, Bitwarden then replaces the correct password in its database with “weDontLetYouSaveTheRightPassWord” as the password (without spaces; I had to insert spaces in the title above otherwise the forum refuses to post my question).

From that point onwards I can no longer log into that web site using Bitwarden… unless I edit the entry in Bitwarden manually and put the correct password back in there. The workaround for me is to just remember not to accept Bitwarden’s offer to update the password for this particular site, but it’s not a site that I visit often, so each time this happens, I have to think hard and re-remember why this is happening.

Unfortunately there is no option in Bitwarden “do not ask to update password again for this site”.

Could it be the web site itself that tricks Bitwarden into thinking that the password had changed, directly after I log in (perhaps as a security measure to prevent the use of a password manager)? The site is a Plunet server (I also log into other Plunet servers that do not have this problem).


Hi @ugcheleuce,

this is definitely something the website, you are visiting, is doing. We’ve seen some reports from other websites that attempt similar things (all Xs, all dots, …) to hide passwords :person_shrugging:.

There is fortunately an option to not prompt to update a password per domain. Please have a look at the following article from our help-site.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,