Bitwarden_rs (Rust) vs Bitwarden (regular)?

What’s the difference between the regular self-hosted Bitwarden and Bitwarden_rs (Rust) that is available on Cloudron? Are there any drawbacks that I should consider?

This app packages Bitwarden RS 1.17.0.


This is the Rust implementation backend, not the official server backend, but fully compatible with the Client apps.

Bitwarden is a self-hosted password manager. It allows you to store and manage your passwords, credit cards, and other private information in a secure way while still allowing you to access it from your browser, phone, or desktop.

Some links which you can refer to

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Thanks for the links. It seems there are no drawbacks in running the rust version. I installed Rust yesterday on my Cloudron instance and it’s running beautifully.

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