Bitwarden Roadmap

Please add offline editing:

This can be critical for traveling road warriors/sales force when disconnected from the internet.


Thanks for sharing this.
Can’t wait for encrypted export, a great option for regular users to do a backup now and then.

I’ve neglected to rotate the encryption key for fear of corrupting the database if a device is still logged in, or any other risk of a corrupted database. This would be peace of mind.


Yes please add offline editing and creation of passwords!! I agree cngriffin especially as tgreer said it WAS on the roadmap in reply to a reddit post a few months ago!!!

A small amount of encrypted storage for certain sensitive files would be great.

According to verisign labs page, DNS record does not use DNSSEC. I wonder if this is something they could do to further enhance security. Of course the HTTPS cert is the most important, but if DNSSEC can be used, why not.

@Ben86 - I think we may have some other items in place, but fair point on DNSSEC.

@AtomicHaggis - we’re only serving data from our own host/applications, no CDN :+1:

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@tgreer I have already written this but it has gone without a response, Is there the possibility of adding entries offline passwords to the roadmap please as it’s the biggest hole as far as I can see between this and 1password. I love Bitwarden and realize that you must address Enterprise requests in your Roadmap items as this is where you earn the most money. However, at least I knew that everything I typed into 1password would be saved locally on my device even if I lost internet! I have almost lost passwords and other info several times due to lack of this feature on Bitwarden. Some of the info I enter cannot be recovered such as crucial API keys that are only displayed once.


+1 This is possible in 1PW. :wink:

What is the line of thinking with “Organization Management Enhancements”?

@Brad @DenalB - fair point. I think it’s good to reiterate that this isn’t every single item we will work on between now and 2021, it’s just the largest set of tasks that we hope show our general direction, commitment and some reassurance that we are listening :slight_smile:

We do have offline vault management on the backlog - it hasn’t fallen off the radar!

@NogNeetMachinaal - we’re still working on the specifics, but overall we know that the overall management of users/groups/collections can be more user/admin friendly, and we want to polish that experience more.


Sounds great @tgreer. :+1:

DNSSEC enabled :+1:


What is DNSSEC?

DNSSEC is another mechanism to secure DNS entries.

Here’s a nifty article on it:

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Personally, absolutely nothing is interesting for me on the 2020/2021 roadmap, so I will switch back to 1P because a lot of standard functions are missing here. (Drag’n drop, custom icons and so on)

No worries, this is not the standard “If you don’t add ___, I will leave and you won’t be able to get a coffee from Starbucks from my 10 bucks!!!” nonsense :laughing:.

Of course, I will continue paying for my subscription ($10 doesn’t kill anyone, does it?) since this is the only way to support this tiny project and who knows, maybe one day some features which I personally like will be added :slight_smile:

Until then, I will regulary watch Bitwarden :sunglasses:


Thank you for sharing Bitwarden product roadmap. Would you please help me understand? This roadmap, curiously, seems very enterprise centric. As a user of Bitwarden for personal use, I am very interested in knowing your roadmap for the non-enterprise users. Seems like we may have to wait until, beyond, 2021 for any meaningful new features. Please understand, this is not meant to be critical of your priorities, it’s merely a request for a clarification.
Most of the features I would like to see are already requested by the community. Nonetheless, here are three examples. Access via wearables like Apple Watch, ability to “text search” throughout the app- not just the password or user ID fields, ability to view attached files like photos, docs, within the app.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this.


@PaulP @Pingsoup - welcome!

I think it’s important to note that this roadmap is not 100% definitive of everything we’re working on, or planning to work on. It’s really just for major milestone features and functions, especially those that are entirely new areas of focus. (i.e.Log In with SSO)

That being said, we are working on other UI/UX items. For instance there are PRs currently to add bulk edits to the shared vault, as well as the text search feature you mentioned :slight_smile:

I’ll be updating the roadmap as we go, since some things have come a little sooner than we expected (like password view permissions) - and as such, we can now look into the next items.

I appreciate all the feedback - always helpful and keeps us ‘tuned in’!


Thank you, this is very helpful.

Sounds great! :slight_smile:

@tgreer It would be great if the mobile app has an option to save an item to a folder without editing the item. Marking an item as favorite also requires editing. Thanks😊