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Hey Trey, quick question … I haven’t followed this community for a while, but I remember that somewhere/sometime we discussed the idea of having sub-vaults to better protect the most confidential passwords, or passwords from a different domain of life.

Two examples:

  • Cryptoasset seed phrases are locked behind a separate password and/or 2FA vs. being accessible whenever the main account is unlocked

  • Work/employment/company-related passwords are separate from personal passwords

Is this still being considered and what is it called on the roadmap? Also, can it be emulated via the current feature set, e.g., by using the new organizations feature (ideally without paying for multiple premium accounts)? Thank you!

PS: I noticed that the “Master password reprompt” option was added recently. Thank you, this already increases peace of mind significantly without sub-vaults. It would be great if there was also an “2FA reprompt” option. Pressing the YubiKey is easier than touch typing a very long password every time one of these passwords is needed.

@B0UNC3R additional cryptographic “sub-vaults” aren’t currently on the roadmap. We are evaluating adding more items that are protected by the Master Password re-prompt, though.

What about the 2FA re-prompt idea… is that feasible? Or does it mean too many requests to the server? Can it be done fully offline?

EDIT: by the way, this is related … there should also be hidden subvaults for plausible deniability ($5 wrench attacks) ==> Travel Mode - #12 by B0UNC3R


Hi folks!

The initial 2022 roadmap is now available :partying_face:

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and feedback! Please note that we are sharing development timelines, and will keep this updated as we go into the new year.


Very interesting Trey! Is there a brief description of what these new additions will do? “Item sharing” definitely has my attention.

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Very disappointed that encrypted export is not planned to evolve. This is THE feature i’m waiting for.

The way it’s done for now is a big security and convenience problem IMO.

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Just a reminder that the roadmap is a quick reference to our major initiatives, not everything the team will work on.


I believe encrypted export may be lower on the list due to the fact that suitable alternatives exist currently to properly secure your unencrypted exports. Such as into an encrypted container, or encrypted zip.

Though I do agree a truly versatile encrypted backup export would be great, especially if it could also support attachment backups simultaneously.
Icing on the cake would be to use something currently available and open, such as a simple zip format or possibly KDBX as this is well documented and supported for imports on both online and offline password managers.

Look forward to seeing all the future improvement and features to come!


I like how the Pop-up Overlay feature, pretty much one of the most requested features, didn’t even make it to the roadmap. Even though months ago a community contribution was made on this topic.

It’s going to be almost 7 years now since this feature was originally requested. Why not be a bit more transparant. And just say what it is. You can’t kanabalize the main parent product which is 1Password. This beats holding a carrot in front of loyal Bitwarden users. I am becoming really skeptical.


Here is another great example of another community contribution being completly ignored: Added lock on idle and made lock on system lock work with timed locks by ajayyy · Pull Request #1159 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub


Gina from the Product team here. As Trey said, the roadmap is a reference to our major, net-new initiatives and outlines our product direction for the year. It does not encompass everything the team is working on. That said, we are looking at improvements to our import/export tools, including how to make the encrypted export more flexible. We hear the feedback and planning is underway on how we can easily present it in the UI. More to come!


If you look at the top, there is a note for items that we will be conducting active user research, which includes overlay popup interface. We will be evaluating if the feature improves usability since other password managers who implement this show a significant drop in browser and client performance. We value a simple, lightweight product and want to ensure all functionality follows that mantra. We’re in early planning but plan on providing more updates through 2022.

Thanks for your feedback and community contribution!


I guess we’ll never see a UI refresh anytime soon lol.


No watch support? Cries in Galaxy Watch 4

2022 plan not showing no EU vault hosting for European bitwarden users…

Here’s some of the UI refresh: [Icons] Update Font Sheet by vincentsalucci · Pull Request #1343 · bitwarden/web (


Cool. Is there an easy way to get an SneakPreview?

Thanks so much for this statement. I think it’s important for us users to understand why some features come out faster than others. And this explanation makes perfect sense. I don’t want a slow browser just so I can have an overlay. On the other hand, does the community have a good solution for that? Why don’t you address this in the PR of Github? Overlay popup interface


You would need to create a dev environment and then use the code in the Web branch. If it gets merged before you do it, you can then just use the main branch

It’s relatively simple with the instructions though if you have any issues setting it up hop into the Gitter chat and one of the devs will be able to help or us users and contributors may know the issue you’re running into. I’ve ran into many issues before :rofl:

I’m so glad you all have a chance to evaluate the overlay popup. I’m not sure what kind of performance issues you see (I have lots of experience with 1pw and lastpass but don’t recall either having much of a problem in overlay) and would like to know more if you have shared any data on this.

In my opinion, it would be extremely valuable to have a overlay popup even if it’s an opt-in because it’s a little slow. I really want to be able to setup family members on bitwarden but the lack of overlay just puts too high of a barrier to switch over from the other password tools. In this very niche case, something that’s a little slow that you can opt-in to is much better then not having any UI for something so core to the experience (for less techy users).


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