Bitwarden Roadmap

DNSSEC enabled :+1:


What is DNSSEC?

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DNSSEC is another mechanism to secure DNS entries.

Here’s a nifty article on it:

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Personally, absolutely nothing is interesting for me on the 2020/2021 roadmap, so I will switch back to 1P because a lot of standard functions are missing here. (Drag’n drop, custom icons and so on)

No worries, this is not the standard “If you don’t add ___, I will leave and you won’t be able to get a coffee from Starbucks from my 10 bucks!!!” nonsense :laughing:.

Of course, I will continue paying for my subscription ($10 doesn’t kill anyone, does it?) since this is the only way to support this tiny project and who knows, maybe one day some features which I personally like will be added :slight_smile:

Until then, I will regulary watch Bitwarden :sunglasses:


Thank you for sharing Bitwarden product roadmap. Would you please help me understand? This roadmap, curiously, seems very enterprise centric. As a user of Bitwarden for personal use, I am very interested in knowing your roadmap for the non-enterprise users. Seems like we may have to wait until, beyond, 2021 for any meaningful new features. Please understand, this is not meant to be critical of your priorities, it’s merely a request for a clarification.
Most of the features I would like to see are already requested by the community. Nonetheless, here are three examples. Access via wearables like Apple Watch, ability to “text search” throughout the app- not just the password or user ID fields, ability to view attached files like photos, docs, within the app.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this.


@PaulP @Pingsoup - welcome!

I think it’s important to note that this roadmap is not 100% definitive of everything we’re working on, or planning to work on. It’s really just for major milestone features and functions, especially those that are entirely new areas of focus. (i.e.Log In with SSO)

That being said, we are working on other UI/UX items. For instance there are PRs currently to add bulk edits to the shared vault, as well as the text search feature you mentioned :slight_smile:

I’ll be updating the roadmap as we go, since some things have come a little sooner than we expected (like password view permissions) - and as such, we can now look into the next items.

I appreciate all the feedback - always helpful and keeps us ‘tuned in’!


Thank you, this is very helpful.

Sounds great! :slight_smile:

@tgreer It would be great if the mobile app has an option to save an item to a folder without editing the item. Marking an item as favorite also requires editing. Thanks😊

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This request will get lost in space. If you really want it find if there already is a dfeature request and vote for it. Otherwise create a new feature request.


@tgreer: Touch ID / Windows Hello for Browser Extensions can now set to “Available”


No, it isn’t in the extensions yet, just the desktop apps.

I would welcome the ability to photograph documents and be able to save them in Bitwarden… I have lists of passwords etc. that I am too lazy to type and are only for archive purposes anyway…

The Premium upgrade gives you 1GB of encrypted file storage.

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I don’t see a ‘Find and manage duplicate entries’ mentioned here. An essential feature IMHO.

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Auditing bitwarden against other password managers for bsiness use, and it seem a vey strong alternative, thanks for the great work. However, batch editing credentials stored in an organization collections is a mandatory feature for business users sharing lots of different credentials, with the need to properly assign them to groups/collections in order to to compartiment correctly security access.

Thanks for the reply on that, @tgreer. Good to know.

Option for greater than 6 digit generated TOTP codes would be a great add (e.g., 8 digits required by ;))

You already Can

Enter the seed like this:
For more information go to

Also compatible with Steam totp with steam://your_key


Can’t wait for the encrypted export. To me it is really the most important thing to secure my data :+1:.