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The Bitwarden team has no intention of implementing the popup overlay feature.

  • The community has originally requested this feature +6 years ago;
  • When this new forum got implemented, the request was reposted;
  • Bitwarden team members keep on stating the feature is on the backlog;
  • When back in 2020/2021 LastPass members migrated to Bitwarden, it was confirmed that in 2021 it would be an active item after lots of input from the community and that it would be put on the roadmap for 2021 delivery;
  • End of 2021 nothing happened, it no longer was an active item and it actually got removed once again from the roadmap;
  • Around 2021 a community contributions that showcased this feature in working state was ignored and never picked up by the Bitwarden team;
  • Now its 2022. And we are back to it being an item that is not even on the roadmap. And now all of a sudden first ‘research’ needs to be done because of potential performance issues?

Basically what can be observed is that nothing is being done for ‘years’. And even actual community contributions are not being picked up. Meanwhile, this feature has currently over 757 community votes. Bitwarden team is essentially just holding a carrot in front of its user, instead of just stating that this feature has zero priority.


Thanks for the feedback @aex351 the team is continuing to investigate this feature and the security implications that it creates, in a way that maintains the Bitwarden experience.


I agree with this, I feel like using LastPass for free but being charge 10$ for nothing new

I have to stress out how important the “popup overlay” feature is.
Everytime I want to show bitwarden to someone, this comes out as a dealbreaker.
It just makes the user experience so much simpler and so much more in-line of what we expect to see when using a password manager. Not having it just adds more friction and not everyone has there hands on the keyboard to use the shortcut.

Please make it happen. If it really is a security risk, make it optional and disabled by default.


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This doesn’t even have to be an auto fill. What is the difference with putting an auto fill icon on the user name field, vs right clicking and selecting auto fill. With an icon on the user name field it’s one click and then it auto fills. The other way it’s 4 clicks, right click, left click 3x’s for Bitwarden to auto fill.


Can we get an actual timeline to implement the popup overlay feature? As a tech founder myself I’m scratching my head as to why this isn’t at the top of your queue.


Just to add some balance, I have no interest in this feature and would switch it off if it was an option. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I understand that a lot of people on here would like to see it implemented, but users of this community are a tiny proportion of the user base. The BW team are quite open about what’s in the pipeline and there’s a high-level roadmap. There are many other features and enhancements being requested and worked on. Personally, I’d like to see additional item types next.


100% agree. I use autofill constantly and that feature would have no use to me. Now additional item types is something I definitely would use immediately.


I agree as well. After learning how Bitwarden is meant to be used, I see no advantage to this request other than to make Bitwarden feel more like other software out there. I chose Bitwarden because it is simple, elegant, fast, economical, and very secure. Adding frivolous features like this can only detract from the qualities I like most about Bitwarden.


I did not know what exactly a popup overlay is.
Hmmm, I guess I never needed such a gimmick, so I prefer to pass it and focus on more important aspects.

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The overlay popup interface should be optional and disabled by default imo

I love the feature but I think most people wouldnt like it

Overlay feature continues to outpace additional item types on votes by the community. Additionally it is the most voted feature request, clearly it’s a popular item.


Most popular but least useful.
Find the error!

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There are currently 23,290 registered users of this community. I’m guessing that’s a small proportion of overall Bitwarden users. 779 votes might seem like a lot, but it’s not representative of the overall user base.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t be worked on - clearly there are people that would really like to see it implemented. I just wouldn’t want to see the team prioritising work purely based on a vote from a relatively small number of users.

From my point of view, I won’t use it. If it’s implemented, I hope it’s an optional feature.


While I agree it might not be for everyone, I don’t see why having this feature would subtract any of the Bitwarden features you mentioned.
Also being more “like other software out there” is not wrong if the “other software” has interesting and useful features. I think that is the whole reason why people request new features.
Let’s hope the team can spare the time for this.


Sure there are more fundamental things to work on.
But it is the number one voted request on the forum.
I hope the team takes that into consideration.

The overlay pop-up was one of the things that caused me to switch to Bitwarden from 1Password. I found it incredibly intrusive and the final straw was the Safari iOS extension allowing the same feature on iPhone and iPad.

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Your comment worries me a lot. Starting with:

  • If votes are not the mechanism used by the community to prospect for new features, then why does this system exist?
  • Those 700+ are users who bothered enough to enter the forum and put their vote, surpassing the rest of the features listed.

Please, don’t get me wrong… even for me this functionality becomes secondary when there are so many basic things that are not in the product like:

  • More item categories
  • Offline support
  • OTP QR scan in all clients, including desktop
  • Store documents on mobile devices
  • More field types
  • Tags… I mean tags…