Bitwarden Roadmap

I really think you all need to make this a priority “Overlay popup interface” - This is a feature that most if not all of the other Password Managers out there have and I have been a long time paid user and promoter of Bitwarden who is considering a move because of this one lacking feature.


I know a number of people have expressed an interest in this but, for me personally, it’s not something I’m interested in. I prefer the minimal interface and usually use the keyboard shortcut anyway.


I’ve gotten so used to using the keyboard shortcut and context menu that even if this feature is released I am probably not gonna use it.


This dates back to February 2021. Bitwarden Roadmap - #111 by vachan. There was a massive call for this feature due to a massive influx of new users. During that webcast the feature got addressed, with the remark that it would be put on the roadmap. See also the screenshot in that link.

Later the item got added under an obscure and vague name '‘enhanced browser integration’. Which of course doesn’t specifically say ‘browser pop-up’. Now we are once again months further and nothing has been done. This has been a feature request since 2016.

Meanwhile, looking at one of the last updates of the road map. We get ‘Git cards and referrals’. But still no explicit mention of ‘Pop-up Overlay’.

I do think we can come to the conclusion that the Bitwarden team was just holding a carrot in front of its users. Like some have already suggested. And yes, I come back to the point that Bitwarden is just an open-source front for 1Password, considering the code share. Which would make absolutely sense why features like these are not being implemented.

Implement: Pop-up overlay and make password sharing in families/teams easier to use, and you have pretty much the same product as a paid Last Password/1Password solution. That of course can’t happen. Hence, we now almost 5-6 years in to the future without such features.

For those that are looking at a working pop-up overlay implementation. Check out this user contribution:

It works pretty amazing in Chrome. I hope the Bitwarden team will just copy and past this in to the main product.


Merging the PR is the goal @aex351 - it just takes time and testing :wink:


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I don’t know if GPO is what’s assumed by policies but it would be very useful to be able to configure the server URL for browser extensions, which actually needs to be done manually (it’s not even easily doable programmatically at the moment).

If not, please make an accessible config file in the browser roaming path instead of relying on the browser storage which isn’t easily accessible at all.

Best of luck in the refining of your project,


For some reason it takes 5+ years to implement this code…

@tgreer Any updates on the roadmap image? Are you going to add the 2022 items?

Roadmap updates to come soon!


I’m guessing development has come to a hault? Most of the roadmap items from previous quarters are yet to be implemented.

Which ones aren’t implemented?


I don’t know fo sure, as most of the items are for business, but a quick comparison with Release Notes | Bitwarden Help & Support does not look like a hault to me.


Very interested in seeing your upcoming roadmap – since I had the opportunity to have a great meeting with one of your product designers.

Do you have any ETA when you will be able to share?

Any update? been a month since you promised an update to the roadmap. thanks!

Absolutely - we’re working on finalizing plans for the next quarter and timelines for items in-flight. The goal is to revise the roadmap in the next week or two, when we can provide the most accuracy :+1:


Hey Trey, quick question … I haven’t followed this community for a while, but I remember that somewhere/sometime we discussed the idea of having sub-vaults to better protect the most confidential passwords, or passwords from a different domain of life.

Two examples:

  • Cryptoasset seed phrases are locked behind a separate password and/or 2FA vs. being accessible whenever the main account is unlocked

  • Work/employment/company-related passwords are separate from personal passwords

Is this still being considered and what is it called on the roadmap? Also, can it be emulated via the current feature set, e.g., by using the new organizations feature (ideally without paying for multiple premium accounts)? Thank you!

PS: I noticed that the “Master password reprompt” option was added recently. Thank you, this already increases peace of mind significantly without sub-vaults. It would be great if there was also an “2FA reprompt” option. Pressing the YubiKey is easier than touch typing a very long password every time one of these passwords is needed.

@B0UNC3R additional cryptographic “sub-vaults” aren’t currently on the roadmap. We are evaluating adding more items that are protected by the Master Password re-prompt, though.

What about the 2FA re-prompt idea… is that feasible? Or does it mean too many requests to the server? Can it be done fully offline?

EDIT: by the way, this is related … there should also be hidden subvaults for plausible deniability ($5 wrench attacks) ==> Travel Mode - #12 by B0UNC3R


Hi folks!

The initial 2022 roadmap is now available :partying_face:

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and feedback! Please note that we are sharing development timelines, and will keep this updated as we go into the new year.