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Since there is a fair amount of discussion surrounding the pop-up overlay, could you please ensure that it is easy to turn off. That was the most annoying feature in the other password managers that I have used. I do enjoy how Bitwarden stays out of the way until I need it. Sorry for posting in the incorrect forum.


I’m just hoping they don’t implement like LastPass - that overlay keeps me from seeing things on many logons - hard to click on phone - simply not as nice as it sounds.

Optional by website would be best.


Hey everyone!

I’ve updated the roadmap slide to reflect new items for Q3/Q4+.


Hey @tgreer, thanks for the update as always!
Is there any chance that making Directory Connector less… attended is part of the Q4 enhanced integration work or is DC out of scope?

We’re working on DC a bunch, so there are some performance improvements coming. We also have an updating coming in the next release (this week) that allows the use of the Organization API key instead of a user account :slight_smile:


I have been waiting for the “archiving” or “hiding” accounts Archive old accounts - #33 by brunot feature for some time now, since the Thrash is also being purged every 30 days, what is the status on this? I can’t see it in the roadmap. ^^


So the browser overlay popup window still isn’t on the roadmap? Despite all the talks about it at the beginning of this year.

To be fair, the last update in May was that it’s not under active development.

I’m very happy to see mobile FIDO2 support in roadmap, but I want to sure it is mean any key except YubiKey will be support?

Yubikey is private, and solokey 2 will release soon so I want to check that it’s not ther feature only support Yubikey.

Also, It’s mean FIDO2 U2F? WebAuthn sound like need network connection to work?

FIDO2 will support any FIDO2/U2F key as they are backwards compatible.

FIDO2 / webauthn does require connectivity. This is aligned with the current implementation, as the U2F/FIDO2 keys will be used as a two-step login authentication method for login/authentication, which of course requires a connection :slight_smile:


  1. I would like to mark feature that would be very beneficial for our access control review process. We would like a possibility to export all users and their roles from Bitwarden Organization Vault. Similar as we have an Export button for Event logs, it would be also useful to have something like that in People section.
  2. We found a bug when the “Master password re-prompt” feature is enabled. After is enabled and item saved, when trying to access the item Master password is pre-populated (dont know with what) and search field is poplated with username.lastname. Can you please check this?


Additional feature/bug request:

When administrators receive an email about the action to confirm the user to organization, in email we have a following: “1. Log in to your [Web Vault] and open your Organization.”. It would be nice to have that this [Web Vault] leads to our on-prem Bitwarden application, not to Bitwarden Web Vault.

Thanks in advance,

Hi MiliciaMij,

I think you should create a separate thread for feature requests. This way other users will be able to vote on your proposal. Having them in here, makes it easier for them to become forgotten too.

Hi JurgenG,

Many hanks for the information. Will do.


would love to see search usability on that graphic!

I really think you all need to make this a priority “Overlay popup interface” - This is a feature that most if not all of the other Password Managers out there have and I have been a long time paid user and promoter of Bitwarden who is considering a move because of this one lacking feature.


I know a number of people have expressed an interest in this but, for me personally, it’s not something I’m interested in. I prefer the minimal interface and usually use the keyboard shortcut anyway.


I’ve gotten so used to using the keyboard shortcut and context menu that even if this feature is released I am probably not gonna use it.


This dates back to February 2021. Bitwarden Roadmap - #111 by vachan. There was a massive call for this feature due to a massive influx of new users. During that webcast the feature got addressed, with the remark that it would be put on the roadmap. See also the screenshot in that link.

Later the item got added under an obscure and vague name '‘enhanced browser integration’. Which of course doesn’t specifically say ‘browser pop-up’. Now we are once again months further and nothing has been done. This has been a feature request since 2016.

Meanwhile, looking at one of the last updates of the road map. We get ‘Git cards and referrals’. But still no explicit mention of ‘Pop-up Overlay’.

I do think we can come to the conclusion that the Bitwarden team was just holding a carrot in front of its users. Like some have already suggested. And yes, I come back to the point that Bitwarden is just an open-source front for 1Password, considering the code share. Which would make absolutely sense why features like these are not being implemented.

Implement: Pop-up overlay and make password sharing in families/teams easier to use, and you have pretty much the same product as a paid Last Password/1Password solution. That of course can’t happen. Hence, we now almost 5-6 years in to the future without such features.

For those that are looking at a working pop-up overlay implementation. Check out this user contribution:

It works pretty amazing in Chrome. I hope the Bitwarden team will just copy and past this in to the main product.


Merging the PR is the goal @aex351 - it just takes time and testing :wink: