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I was just reading about U2F and webauthn on Android. Even Google is having issues that has forced Firefox to make exclusions for Google. Forcing to use a cobbled together partial implementation of U2F instead of webauthn so people can use their security keys on U2F only android.

  1. Many android systems don’t support webauthn, only U2F. Blame manufacturers.
  2. A device registered via webauthn cannot be validated from U2F device. If you register your security key on your desktop via webauthn, then try to authenticate on your android device with U2F, it won’t work
  3. U2F technically isn’t even a spec. It’s a PoC custom library Google made that morphed into webauthn. Like QUIC into HTTP3. Because of this, U2F is not officially supported because it’s not a spec to be “officially” anything.
  4. Google can’t change android to use webauthn until enough people have switched to newer devices that will actually support it

It’s a horrible catch-22 that would force many people to upgrade.

Technically webauthn wasn’t even released until mid 2019 and is moving quickly for a new spec. It is possible my information is old or incomplete.

I am not sure the state of U2F/webauthn on Android, but let me just say that I purchased a Samsung S21 and my yubikey 5 NFC worked to sign in my Google account on the phone, but not my Google account on Google Play. Some webauthn issues.

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Sounds like a Samsung bug. I have Google Advanced Protection Program and U2F working perfectly on my Sony Xperia 1 & Yubikey.

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Sorry to keep banging on about this, but please can we have some formal statement on U2F on Android availability?

When I first asked, this was due to be available late 2020. Then when it did not arrive, we were told it would be early Q1.

We are now coming to the end of Q1 and there has been no news for months. I am waiting to switch over from LastPass and have been waiting for quite a while now!

Please can someone from BW tell us when we can expect U2F support on Android?


I just discovered the new roadmap.

I don’t see anything about this improvement of encrypted export.

Do you know if it’s scheduled ? Or at least will be scheduled in the future ?

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It hasn’t escaped our to-do list :slight_smile:

@tgreer : Is that a reply to me? Or to “TiTwo102”. If the latter, are you simply ignoring my posts because I have asked the question about U2F on Android 3 or 4 times over the last 3 months and not received any replies at all.

Neither of the items has been removed from our to-do list. U2F for all clients is in progress, but no ETA on availability yet.

Thanks for the update!

When Gift Cards will be available to purchase via the Bitwarden website?

I love the ability to hide the icon counter ( in the browser as mentioned.)
Also the first one, which says Re-prompt for Master Password for some items. I have a question about it.

Those “some items” are only defined by the user itself, is that right?

I have the same question. Any answer?

Good questions!

  • Gift cards are running parallel to some items, but no exact timeline yet, other than sometime before the end of 2021 :sunglasses:
  • Re-Prompt will be for user-configured items
  • Client Profiles will allow you to switch between separate Bitwarden accounts

I am now a Premium user of Bitwarden, dear @tgreer :slight_smile:
Instead of having separate Bitwarden accounts, can premium users have the ability to create different vaults to segregate their logins and other items? 1Password does this very well.


I forgot to ask, the that new upcoming feature “Hide the browser extension icon counter” when this one will be out? Thanks.

Thanks for your support @Rayman! :partying_face:

We do have a request for that here: Nested vaults to implement multiple security levels

It’s captured but not currently on a dev schedule, however, we appreciate all the feedback we can get!

Re: Icon counter, it looks to be the next release, but I’m not currently sure when that will take place, as we’re still monitoring the release from yesterday :slight_smile:

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Thanks. By nested vaults, you mean just having separate different vaults, right?

About the re-prompt I really hope you add a toggle to enable it everywhere otherwise it won’t help paranoid users (and it has been suggested for paranoid users like me)

Experience with android work profiles is currently terrible, I currently have Bitwarden installed on both my work profile and personal profile (yes I happily pay twice for premium because Bitwarden is awesome :heart:) however more often than not when filling in passwords on work profile apps it will use my personal vault rather than my work vault. This usually leaves me having to manually open the vault and copy and paste passwords manually.

I know client profiles are on the roadmap and I believe it will help this issue, but In general wondering if there’s currently a better way of handling this. I’m also a developer, I see the code is mostly C# (my go to) so If I can find some time I may be able to go help contribute to the project to get this in sooner.