Bitwarden roadmap - updated July 2024

Items listed on the roadmap are active, in-development initiatives from the Bitwarden product and engineering team. As the Bitwarden team releases new features, this roadmap will be updated as a living document so that the Bitwarden community will know what new items are in progress as well as items likely to be released near-term.

Any dates provided by Bitwarden team members on any initiatives are targets and will be continually revised as the team gets closer to release. As with all features, the top priority is ensuring security and product stability.

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Thanks for this updated roadmap!

Could you update the “roadmap” link in the top blue bar to point to this topic. At the moment, it is a broken link.

ETA: Thanks for fixing it. I tested and it now works for me.

I’m on the case!



While I was composing this response on the old Roadmap thread, the thread was closed and archived. So I’m reposting my feedback here.

Implementing linked custom fields for TOTP codes would go a long way towards alleviating existing pain points around TOTP auto-fill. That would at least allow users to solve TOTP auto-fill issues on their own until devs have optimized their field detection algorithms (which will always be a game of catch-up, I’m afraid).

In the meantime, it would be great if you could add the following two identifiers to the TotpFieldNames array:

  • verification_code (Amazon)
  • auth-mfa-otpcode (Mathworks)

I will submit these two on the Google form as well.


Could I ask if “Expansion of autofill menu with cards, identities and passkeys” would include credit card autofill on Android? I’m on the verge of switching to 1password due to the lack of this feature on Bitwarden, so would be good to know. Thanks.

Good question! This is referring to the autofill menu when using the browser extension. We’ll check in with our mobile team on feasibility of autofilling other vault item types - hopefully, iOS and Android make it easy to support!

I’m disappointed to see development efforts being diverted into the new inline auto-fill menu functionality, which many long-time Bitwarden users prefer to disable altogether. I sincerely hope that there is not some underlying corporate strategy to make this auto-fill method the main supported option, with new developments to enhance the inline auto-fill menus at the expense of supporting other auto-fill methods (like keyboard shortcuts) that are generally safer to use and more robust (less likely to malfunction or to break website functionality). For example, one long-standing community request is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to autofill Identity or Card information — which is a request I believe will become even more pressing after the upcoming UI redesign (which removes the browser extension Tab page that is needed for card & identity auto-filling).

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There is no current plan to deprecate existing autofill methods. The Bitwarden product philosophy is to provide flexibility so users can choose the methods they most prefer. The inline autofill menu is the newest released autofill method so the goal is to iterate on that so it is as fully featured as the other available methods.

All that to say, thank you for highlighting that request around keyboard shortcuts - it’s kicked off some internal discussion and how the team can also continue momentum in other autofill areas.

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