Bitwarden redesign?

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  • Bit warden 2021 redesign

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  • Hello everyone,

I just started to use Bitwarden and I really like it. But I think we could probably improve a lot the UI to have something a bit more modern and also a bit easier to use. I am an UX engineer, I can probably help on this :slight_smile: I never participated to an open source project so I don’t know if this is the right way to suggest this kind of work. I guess I would need the help of a few front end developers, but we could make huge progress quickly on this.

Let me know what you think.


I am not a dev
But do you have some mockups/images on how you are planning to do the redesign?

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Hi @LemonTree , welcome to Bitwarden!

This sounds like an ambitious project, and while commendable and the help is much appreciated, I would like to suggest that if you’re wanting to contribute to the UI/UX of the product, please start with some well-defined scope (vs. complete redesign, which would likely not make it in). I would say if there’s a specific client (mobile, browser, web, desktop) that you feel needs a refresh, something about user interaction, usability, etc. please add those proposals here. Keep in mind that consistency is also one of the things that adds value to the product and most of the clients are (for the most part) consistent in appearance and function across devices/platforms.


I’d be primarily interested in UI updates for the web vault, which is less usable than the LastPass web vault I’m migrating from. Firstly, the folders sidebar should scroll separately from the accounts list. Accounts should also be draggable to the folder sidebar, because that’s much faster than clicking an account, scrolling through the folder list, then clicking save.

The header above the accounts list should also be fixed, so that users don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page if they’re editing item(s) far down the list.

Little fixes like those can save lots of otherwise wasted time.

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Nice suggestions.
I would like to see a sticky navigation bar as well.
Also,a dark theme would be awesome.

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I completely agree with you @cscharf, consistency is the key in design. With that said, if we want start a redesign we need to start somewhere. I was thinking to redesign the web vault.

Do you have a page where are explained the graphic guidelines such as the logo, the colors, the font etc… ?

I can definitely produce a quick mockup as a “proof of concept” to show something more modern and following basic UX guidelines.

Will do that this week end. If the community is enthusiastic, we should discuss more later how manage this work.


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We have an entire branding repo: GitHub - bitwarden/brand: Logos, icons, screenshots, and other media related to the Bitwarden brand.

You may want to consider reducing scope even a bit more than that (narrow focus). However if you want to mock something up we can review. We are working to try to get the web vault and more in-sync style-wise, so I wouldn’t deviate too much from that concept either (and really focus more on UX vs. UI “style”).

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@LemonTree I give thumbs up for this! Bitwarden sure need some refresh in UI , as far as for mobile , we have this awesome design made by @busradegirmenci you should take a look , perhaps it will save you time instead of creating a new mockup Just to use this one, @cscharf you could take a look and evaluate it as well:


Thanks @FOSS_Lover ! Do you know if this design is gonna be implemented at some point?

So I did a rough mockup of what we could do. Like I said it’s only a proof of concept.


@LemonTree this is an amazing beginning for an desktop app redsign, seems very consistent with the standard of other top notch password manager in market.

About the mobile design art I posted previously, this is an open feature request (link below) , but I don’t think it would be implemented anytime soon by Bitwarden team, they seem to have other priorities, so an contribution on this would by the shortest road to accomplishment for sure.

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