Bitwarden prompted the maximum number of characters a password

I don’t know if such a thing is possible, but it would be great if bitwarden prompted the maximum number of characters a password can have on a given page. Unfortunately, there are sites that allow a password, e.g. max 8 characters. If we set bit harder to longer, we will not log in, because we will have to delete the redundant characters. If, when creating the password, bitwarden detected how many max characters could be entered, then there would be no problem with logging in later. Unfortunately, not all pages tell you how many max characters can be entered.

If you exceed the max character limit, you won’t be able to make an account in the first place… I don’t know what you mean here.

As for the feature itself, I guess it won’t harm anybody if implemented, however there are still few problems:

  • I also don’t know if this is possible in the first place
  • There are way, way more important things the Bitwarden team are working on.
  • I said it won’t harm/get in the way/annoy anybody, but that does not mean it is useful. I actually thing this is almost completely useless and not worth the time.

I am actually curious - where do you even manage to find websites with 8 character password limit?!? I highly suggest you to stay away from those websites. From my humble experience, most websites allow you atleast 16 character password. Even if it is 12, when you use a random generated password, a 12 character password is sufficient.