Bitwarden popup blocks screen of other apps on Android

I am using Bitwarden 2022.05.0 (4636) on my Google Pixel 6 Android phone.

Sometimes when I run an app that requires login, the little Bitwarden gadget pops up and blocks access to something on the app’s screen. For example, I was trying to log in to Discord, but my credentials didn’t work, so I wanted to click on Discord’s “Lost Password” link. But I couldn’t, because it was behind the Bitwarden gadget.
Sometimes this happens in a web page, and I am able to scroll the web page behind the gadget to get access to what I want. But in this case there was no way to scroll, and apparently no way to move the gadget.
Am I missing something? Is there a way to move Bitwarden’s popup gadget, or close it?