Bitwarden Passkey (How does Bitwarden fit into the new Microsoft/Google/Apple "Passkey" initiative?)

Microsoft, Google, and Apple have announced support for the FIDO2 passwordless initiative that media are calling “Passkeys”. Because Passkeys creates a new key pair for each web site login, there is the issue of moving all these key pairs among devices. I am sure that Google will do that for Android and Chrome and Apple will do it for their iPhones and Macs, but what about between Android and Apple or Linux?

Would Bitwarden be able to support the new Passkeys cross-platform like it does with current passwords? I want to sync Android to Linux desktop and I will wait for Bitwarden to support this, if the feature will be added.

Hello @kwe

Bitwarden does currently support FIDO2 WebAuthn for MFA verification in addition to your master password for vault unlocking.

Bitwarden doesn’t support using these “passkeys” to login in leui of the master password yet, but there is a current similar feature request for this to be supported. Though like most things in adopting to FIDO2 password less login fully will take quite a bit of engineering on the backend to integrate.

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Slight nuance: many of us have been asking for non-FIDO unlock using Yubikeys. We’ve made many arguments as to why this relatively cosmetic feature would have security value.