Bitwarden on USB Stick?


i would like to know if bitwarden can run on a USB stick on ubuntu with 2FA (google authenticator, Yubikey) support. I tried the appimage but i can,t run the program from a USB stick that is plugged into my computer. Other password manager progams have a to go verion to install on a USB stick at least on windows. Hints are appreciated.

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Curious if you tried to mount Ubuntu Live instead of using a full install approach? I don’t have use for what you are attempting but I don’t see any reason a Linux install on a SSD vs USB would be much different (speed of course). With Linux Live (not install) you could paste the AppImage onto the RAM Desktop and see if it works properly. If it does would this accomplish your needs? There would be no persistence unless you physically saved your work to a USB in this approach. I am assuming you are simply wanting to “touch base” with BW once in awhile on this method. This would not be convenient for 24/7 365 use at all.

On my machines when I have Ubuntu booted Live I see ALL devices perfectly. I can do anything a bare metal system can do, at least as far as I am aware of.

thank you for your response but the issue is i had password safe (to install on USB), so it is more secure to have you password file stored. On the other hand a second factor which i have with yubikey on password safe puts the security to another level. Bitwarden is a great application, but locally i would prefer to use the bitwarden appimage on a pluggable USB stick only when i need to look for a password. If i could use a yubikey or google autenticator for local access much better. The online trezor access in conjunction with 2FA is a very good idea. Maybe my post is a suggestion for future bitwarden versions ?

A USB stick option would be great. If you find a solution, I’m interested too.

Personally, for a USB stick, I’m not too concerned about the OS, but Ubuntu or Windows (or even DOS) would certainly be fine.

Hello i made a post on the feature requests subject to the bitwarden staff. Let,s see if we can have this feature in the future. Since the program is almost perfect, from a security viewpoint it,s the only weak part where a sophisticated intruder could attack. Regards.