Bitwarden on-premise server replication

Hello everyone! Recently I started using Bitwarden. I set up a bitwarden on-premise and it’s working well. I wonder whether I could make another one with replicated data in case something bad will happen with the main. So it should be synchronized with the first one and I’ll be able to quickly switch to reserve?

I’ve tried Migration from host-to-host. That quite ok, but it’s more like moving from one to another, and I’m looking to have them both available in the same time being synchronized.

Hi @paslavskyit

I believe you are correct here that the migration process as detailed in the support articles is typically for moving from host to host, or cloud to host and visa versa.
Really meant more so as a one way move, and not a way to keep the two in “sync”.

One thing you may try, as I know there is another post similar where this topic has come up previously. You may check there for some further ideas.
Essentially I believe this would call for a combination of the CLI and API calls with some custom scripts to keep the Organizational items, users & groups, and hopefully the license in sync between your self-hosted instance and Bitwarden’s cloud.

Another related posting for the licensing,

I would also note this would only keep the Org items in sync. I believe your users would still need to set up an account on both instances (the invitation process could be automated with the directory connector), but would not sync their individual personal vault items.

Let me know how you make out, :smiley:
This is something that has been on my radar to investigate as a fun project but isn’t something we are personally looking into for my company so I haven’t had the time to really give it a whirl.

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thanks a lot for your reply. I think I’m gonna dig in this direction - How should I achieve High Availability?
It seems like it should work

Hi, I’m also trying to understand how to use docker swarm to achieve high availability as in self-hosting FAQ

“Q: How should I achieve high availability?
A: High availability can be achieved by configuring multiple instances of the containers into a Docker Swarm and/or by pointing the database connection string that the containers reference to any MSSQL database or cluster. Then you would probably want to load balance the NGINX containers or however you choose to handle the front-end.”

Ave you tried to deploy this configuration?