Bitwarden on desktop

Bitwarden on desktop is divided into three parts.
On the left : the list of types and folders.
In the center : the list of identifiers.
On the right : the detail of an element.
When an item is displayed, the right part should be reset if a new type or directory is clicked.
Currently the last element is still displayed.

Your proposal essentially boils down to “When choosing a different category, automatically select and show the first entry.”

While in theory it sounds logical, in practice i’d rather not show a record’s details until i have consciously selected it. That first record may contain content you’d rather not show to anyone who currently might see your screen.

No, my proposal is as follows:
When choosing a different categoryy, automatically show only the Bitwarden logo.
The previous entry is no longer related to the category anyway.

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Ah! I misinterpreted. Apologies. Removing the last shown entry from view is logical, I agree. Shouldn’t be a hard fix, too.

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