Bitwarden on Android: Yubikey prompted (non-NFC device), then returns (crashes) and returns to login

I have a new Moto G7 Play, which does not have NFC. I installed the Bitwarden app but I can’t get into my vault.

I sign in with my credentials and it then properly requests I use NFC or plug in my Yubikey. Since this phone doesn’t have NFC, I plug my Yubikey 5 NFC key into the USB port and the Bitwarden app immediately returns to the username/password login screen. I’ve tried plugging the key in before entering username and password and that doesn’t work either.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated since all my critical info is in Bitwarden and I need the phone app to work.

This also happens with the Galaxy Tab S7. It doesn’t support NFC and it reacts the same as your Moto. Jumping back to the login prompt and requesting you input your password. Android only accepts input from the Yubikey.
Is there a way to check the device for NFC availability?