Bitwarden not working on IOS

Hello guys,

since the latest update on my iPhone (IOS 13), the bitwarden apps is not working telling that “There is a problem connecting to the server”. Safari on my iPhone say “the certificate is not valid”. I’m hosting bitwarden at home on a docker instance with a self signed certificate that I add to my IOS clients (with my IP public address) and it was working fine since IOS 13. I also connect to bitwarden from other devices (windows, linux, …) and it was working perfectly fine.

It seem that IOS 13 integrate some new changes regarding the requirements for certificates :, I tried to follow the guidelines but the issue persist :frowning:

Any help is welcome :+1:

Quick update: that’s completely crazy, now it’s working from safari but still not from the apps and nothing have been changed :rofl: