Bitwarden not working in SRWare Iron

Using SRWare Iron (a Chromium clone) 64bit version under Windows 10 Pro 20H2. The Bitwarden extension is installed, the vault is unlocked.
Log-in info was successfully imported from LastPass (Bitwarden works fine on my Android).

Bitwarden does not work on the desktop. Shift+Ctrl+L does not work either. I don’t get it. What could possibly be the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.


You do mean inside the browser, don’t you? Desktop apps unfortunately are still not supported.
Does Bitwarden fill in the data if you open the extension and then click onto the item that contains the credentials?

Please take a look here: Keyboard shortcut for identity fill?

Thanks, Peter.

I have to try a web site whose password is not stored in the browser to test your suggestion.

I looked at the keyboard shortcuts.

Strangely, when I press Shift+Ctrl+Y, the Bitwarded icon appears on the menu bar while, at the same time, a pop-up asks me to log-in, even though I am already logged with Bitwarden unlocked. Pressing Escape makes the icon disappear from the Menu bar.

What am I doing wrong?