Bitwarden Not Auto Filling Correctly

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If I go to a website in the Chrome Browser and click on “Username”, I get a prompt to autofill by Bitwarden which I select.

I am re-directed to Bitwarden to enter my unlock code, then I tap on the website (it’s the only entry as I’ve started using Bitwarden) and it takes me back to the Chrome Browser. It has entered my email address correctly and the password field is a string of asterisks.

I click “login” but it says the username and password don’t match.

BUT if I go to Bitwarden and view that website and view the password, highlight and copy it and go back to the browser and paste the password into the password field, I log in successfully.

Why does copying the password from BitWarden work but letting Bitwarden autofill it not, and how do I resolve it?

Thanks in advance.

First take a look at this (*). Then try it out on “your” website by manually entering all but the last character of your password. If you still can log in complain towards the owner/administrator of that website.

(*) USAA bank login page [SOLVED]

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